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Wittnauer Cufflinks

Wittnauer is a long established American watch brand. Albert Wittnauer started the watchmakers in 1872 at just 16 years of age. Wittnauer watches have a strong and interesting history. In 1916 they had the first female watchmaking CEO, Martha Wittnauer, they were also used to aid one of the first around the world flights in 1933, and worn by Neil Armstrong on the Gemini 8 mission. Wittnauer is now owned by Bulova. Their esteemed history is encapsulated in our range of Wittnauer Cufflinks. Shop below for Wittnauer Cufflinks.

Wittnauer Watch Cufflinks – Oval – Silver WIT01
Wittnauer Watch Cufflinks – Rectangle – Silver WIT03
Wittnauer Watch Cufflinks – Rhombus – Silver WIT02